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Domestic Cleaning Reading

  • Done by vetted & insured cleaners
  • Working all week long, including weekends
  • Regular cleaning services can be arranged
  • No minimal contract signing required

What makes our domestic cleaning services in Reading so good?

You will be happy to find out that we have over 10 years of experience in providing home cleaning. Therefore, we have already established some good practices and you will find that using our services is actually quite simple and convenient. Besides, there are contracts involved and you can determine the frequency of visitations if you would like to take advantage of our regular home cleaning option.

Here is how you can arrange your home cleaning

  • #1. Contact us today
    Simply give us a quick call or make an online booking. Tell us everything about your domestic cleaning needs. This is an hourly-based service so you can book a cleaner for as long as you see fit. If you are not sure about how much time you need to book, then we can easily consult you on that matter.
  • #2. Meet your cleaner
    We will send a cleaner to your place when it is time for your first service. They will follow your instructions carefully and handle all the necessary chores. The best part is that this is something you no longer need to deal with and you can use your new-found free time however you like.
  • #3. Set up regular home cleaning
    You can benefit from using our services on a regular basis. Simply determine the frequency of visitations and leave the rest to your dedicated and diligent cleaner who make sure that your home is always in a clean and presentable state. Also, you can have your regular services carried out by the same cleaner every time.

NOTE: Please make sure to have a vacuum cleaner and cleaning tools at the ready when your cleaner arrives as they can’t bring those themselves. However, you can opt for them to bring detergents for a little extra.

Book your domestic cleaner in Reading today!

All the cleaners we work with are in-house, professionally trained and vetted individuals. They always aim to bring you the best possible results for the time that you have booked. So simply tell us what your priorities when it comes to your home cleaning needs and leave the rest to the diligent maids.